Our Approach to

In order to
make construction sites
desirable places to work

Construction is a huge industry in Japan, with approximately 5 million workers and a market size of over 60 trillion yen, but the workforce is aging and the number of craftspeople continues to decline. In addition, because the distribution rate of workers to construction sites is low due to the industry’s multi-layered subcontracting structure, the level of remuneration tends to be insufficient and the number of new workers entering the industry continues to decline. As a result, the construction industry suffers from a chronic labor shortage.
I feel that this is a crisis, and that if nothing is done, the construction industry, which supports the foundation of Japanese society, will soon begin to decline.

In response to issues such as these, we are contributing to solving this labor shortage by providing a business matching platform for the construction industry. We also aim to realize a society where all parties, including craftspeople working on-site, can find the work and business partners they desire, and in which everyone can work not only with better pay, but also with satisfaction and pride.

We are committed to working together with the government and major companies, including general contractors, start-ups, and various other stakeholders to make the construction industry more attractive and an industry that young people aspire to work in.

Sukedachi Inc.
President and CEO

Yoichi Wagatsuma